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Voicepath Hosted Cloud System

Hosted telephone systems use cloud technology, which removes the need for physical hardware that can be rather expensive, on-site and analogue or ISDN telephone lines from phone providers; instead, a business telephone system is hosted remotely and connected to through the Internet. The telephone system becomes more like a piece of software rather than hardware.


The cloud location is known as a Hosted PBX which is hooked up through the internet. It provides a flexible, reliable and efficient way to manage your daily communication and once it is installed, can be easily managed and additional features can easily be added to look after all your business needs.


With this set-up, VoicePath will house the Hosted PBX and handle the technology and maintenance of the system for you.

In comparison, a traditional phone system involves the system being based on your premises and connects directly to an ISDN line from a provider. For all incoming calls, most staff typically require a desk phone. We also have options for cell phone apps and softphone applications.

This Hosted System uses the same computer network as your office Internet and automatically connects to the IP network.

During a time when the world is so disconnected - You can count on VoicePath to keep you connected

Using the same methods to pass information as the Internet, hosted telephony utilises a router to communicate actions with your associated IP network. The connection is made securely over the Internet or through a dedicated connection specifically for your business. Your network will need to be reviewed to confirm it’s sound and up to the task.


To work as expected, hosted telephone systems requires a private connection and an appropriate bandwidth. For telephones and computing, bandwidth is the rate or speed at which data can be sent across a network. When installing hosted telephony, or any VOIP solution, bandwidth can be measured and upgraded to obtain the best performance for the system. Some investigation will be needed to confirm your current speeds.


Systems like this can be easily accessed through dedicated handsets connected to the Internet that offers a range of features. These IP handsets or virtual phones are recommended and chosen before installation, at which point training can be arranged for everyone that may need it.


Your business can manage communications across multiple sites through a simple interface.  Note: to do this type of system correctly your computer network cabling must be of good quality and your data switches also must be of good quality. Some upgrades may be necessary and also fast Internet speeds are critical to a smooth and sound installation.


It is important not to be fooled by many vendors that offer a low price and then come back to you several times for a higher amount due to the proper design work not being completed in the beginning.  VoicePath has the experience to do it correctly the first time.

We handle telephone devices such as Yealink-Polycom-Cisco-Fanvil see brochures below.  This new technology has pros and cons so please let’s review together.

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VoicePath Sip Line Offering

SIP is short for Session Initiation Protocol, which allows you to utilize your existing Internet connection to make and receive phone calls with other traditional phone landline services. You may have heard the term SIP Trunks, where trunking refers to back-end infrastructure where multiple phone users can connect to a telephone network. SIP Trunks allow for VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls to connect to traditional landline services that are provided from telephone companies such as Bell and Rogers.


At VoicePath, we can supply you with flexible SIP Trunking. During our consultations, we can determine how many of these SIP lines will help you run your business efficiently. One of the many benefits to having a SIP Trunk, is that long distance calls in Canada are all included, which leads to a better, more competitive price than your regular phone provider can supply you with. Another benefit to SIP is that you can add, or even remove, trunks as required. If you find that your business is so busy that you need more incoming lines, that is easily achieved through VoicePath.


VoicePath has the technology and the solutions for almost every phone system out there. We can even integrate SIP lines with older phone systems, alleviating the need for expensive upgrades that might not suit your business right now. These lines will give you the same type of service you receive now from your dial tone provider, but at a much more competitive price. With these savings in mind, an upgrade to a newer system might not be so far out of reach, which will also be able to integrate these new lines, as well as traditional analog lines.

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