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Music On Hold

On-Hold Plus 8000 Platinum Series (For use with PBX & Keyphone systems)


The ultimate in simplicity! Our USB flash drive MP3 playback unit comes preloaded with hours of great music and “Thanks for holding” messages, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. Just plug in the USB, power it up and connect the provided audio cable into your phone system’s music on-hold input port.


*Custom recordings available upon request.


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Panamax Powerbar - M4-EX Premium Series

Power Conditioner – Noise Filtration/Surge Protection for all home and office equipment. Accepts add-on signal line modules to accommodate system expansion.


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Bogan Amplifiers

Bogen models TPU35B,TPU60B,TPU100B, and TPU250 are wall-mounted telephone paging amplifiers rated at 35, 60, 100, and 250 watts, respectively. The TPU250 can also be rack-mounted.This group of TPU amplifiers permits paging from telephone and/or microphone. Music input through an RCA jack or screw terminals.Voice-activated, variable level, music mute with fade back after page.All the TPU amps in this group include a night ringer which sends an electronic ringing tone signal through all speakers, alerting personnel of incoming calls during non-business hours. Jacks are also provided to bridge two TPU amplifiers to double the number of inputs and outputs.


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Bogan Speakers

Bogen’s MB8TSQ and MB8TSL speakers feature an all-steel surface-mounted enclosure with an 8″ cone loud- speaker and multi-tap 4-watt 70V/25V transformer.The MB8TSQ is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting.The MB8TSL is designed primarily for wall mounting and its face is angled downward by 12.5 degrees.


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Bogan Ceiling Speakers

The Bogen Models S86 and S810 8″ cone-type loud- speakers provide excellent sound quality and trouble- free operation. Their magnetic structure is designed for maximum air gap energy and the diaphragms have been selected for high sensitivity and optimized response characteristics. The speakers are easy to install in ceiling grilles or wall baffles. Mounting holes have been provided for quick attachment of a trans- former.


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