Products - Security Cameras

At VoicePath, we custom create a phone system solution that fits the needs of every client to meet and exceed their expectations. We have brought that level of quality and care into providing a security camera system that will suit your businesses’ needs. Every user requirement is custom at VoicePath.


We work with top level Canadian experts in commercial and industrial security camera systems. At every step in the design phase, we consult with you; our client, and our experts in the field to ensure that you will receive the best solution that suits your budget and requirements.

AI Technology

Using advanced AI detection of vehicles and/or People for instant notification with less false positive alerts.  Not only does AI simplify alerts but also allows you to retrieve the videos you care about even faster when searching for events of interest.

Smart design / Access any time / Storage / 3 Year Warranty

Our WatchNET camera systems come with the ability to check in on your business from anywhere in the world, using your smart phone or a desktop computer. Anywhere you have access to an internet connection; you can make sure that your business is safe and secure. Every system that we install comes with hands-on training, providing you with the information and knowledge on how to confidently navigate your camera system.


When it comes to support, ours is the best in the business. Whether it is technical support or product support, it all comes from right here in the GTA. Our products also come with an Advanced RMA, meaning in the off chance a product was to go defective during the warranty, we will replace that camera itself first before attempting a repair. This ensures the least amount of downtime for you and your system.

Our Sensefier cameras, as well as our NightPixel line of cameras, can give you a picture at night that will look as if it were daytime. These cameras are a perfect fit on any outside application, being able to stand up to cold Canadian winters and hot, humid summers.


Please look at the video linked here for an example:


Whether you have an existing system that you are looking to upgrade, or want an entirely new system installed, we are a one-stop-shop for all your security camera needs. Each installation we do is custom fit to suit you and your business’ needs.