Maintenance + Support


Maintenance is often taken for granted - we feel differently. We have built our reputation on providing our customers, both large and small, with professional corrective maintenance services.

Our total service team environment ensures that the technician responding to your problem has the support of the entire organization behind them. We are able to maintain our much coveted competitive position through our investments in our people, our processes and our infrastructure such as:

Parts Inventory

We maintain a large inventory of new and refurbished parts to ensure we are able to meet and exceed our contractual obligations to our clients, and to ensure our technicians are able to resolve the problem on the first visit.

In-house Repair/Refurbishment Centre

A fully staffed and equipped repair centre means we are quickly able to return defective parts, thereby reducing costs, maintaining quality and ensuring we have control of the parts on the shelf when needed. We offer refurbished equipment from telephone sets to complete systems at a fraction of the cost.

Hot Spares

We are proud of the large Hot Spare contingency continually running and available for the technicians to use for testing, or for complete replacement should a catastrophic disaster occur.

Training and Certifications

Our strongest asset is our people and their ability to do the job required in the most professional and effective manner. All our support staff receive continual training and certification, even before new products are released through to mainstream core products

During a time when the world is so disconnected - You can count on VoicePath to keep you connected


Our Customer Support Centre is your first point of contact for service and support related inquiries.

Our fully trained Customer Support representatives are readily available to assist you, and will ensure your requirements are accessed and addressed in a timely manner. Some of the services they provide include:

Scheduling of Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC)

Scheduling and dispatch of technical resources

Order desk

1st Level Help Desk Support

2nd Level Technical Support

Remote Maintenance

Interface with 3rd party Telco’s

After hours support and emergency resolutions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Customers can select from and combine the following service and support options based on their requirements.

Customer Support User issues

24/7/365 Maintenance Agreements

Time and Material support (T&M)

Remote dial in services for support

After hours support and emergency resolution is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For the best service in the industry call 1-866-541-4748

Our Sales Manager will work with any potential client to show them relevant comparable installations locally, plus specialized reports on installations internationally in a similar sector of the economy. For larger installations, we arrange for visits to specialized suppliers such as manufacturers and distributors of our demo facility. Most local firms are visited for regular voice and data installations and multiple branch applications, where we encourage prospective firms to bring their management and IT staff, along with their outside consultants, to visit a firm with us on an appointment basis.