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Business Telephone systems, Network Cabling and Camera Networks

Some of the telephone products we have been servicing for many years are Nortel, Avaya and Panasonic.  All new solutions are the Panasonic Hybrid system which offers IP, digital and mobile solutions.  We also Service NEC, Samsung and Toshiba. So one stop telephone service for you.

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, VoicePath has the right Voice, Data and Converged Communications solution to meet your unique business type, user requirements, cost expectations and growth plans.

During a time when the world is so disconnected - You can count on VoicePath to keep you connected


Avaya has a long history of being a premier office telecom company, not only around the world, but also with Voice Path. The Avaya I.P. Office is a world standard for office internet protocol telephones.  In 2010 it purchased the assets of Nortel.  Subsequently it has modified its product line to incorporate Nortel products seamlessly.  This is especially true of the Nortel BCM line, with it upgraded with software and hardware advances allowing current users to upgrade their office telephone systems, in small or large steps, maintaining existing equipment when desired.



Hubbell Canada Inc.

The Company operates through multiple manufacturing divisions and subsidiaries located in North America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The Company participates in a joint venture in Taiwan, and maintains sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Product research, marketing, and sales are conducted in this country and abroad. Because the Company has been an integral part of the growth of the electrical equipment industry and a pioneer in the development of new products and technologies, the Company has established a foundation of basic strengths on which to build its future growth.

Fundamentally, Hubbell Incorporated’s commitment to electrical equipment manufacture has enabled the Company to maintain its focus consistently, and to apply its energies to the technology of generating, transmitting, and utilizing electrical energy. Electricity is the most adaptable form of energy, and the one which will power the 21st century from basic industry to the most advanced electronic devices. The expertise developed during the first hundred years is an asset vital to the Company and its customers in the future.

Diversification of product and market will provide the advantage of flexibility; i.e., the benefits to the Company of counter-cyclical markets (to provide opportunity in a dynamic economy), and the benefit to customers of a single source of supply for new construction, modernization, or rehabilitation. Through internal growth and acquisition, in the future as in the past, Hubbell Incorporated’s breadth-of-line will expand the Company’s position among the industry’s leaders.

The Company’s tradition of quality, most apparent in its products but a part of its operations as well, will continue its contribution in the future. To Hubbell management, quality is an emphasis on asset deployment to provide the flexibility and resources to implement planned growth and consistent return to shareholders. To Hubbell employees, quality is the focus on each day’s work in design, engineering, testing, and production. To customers, Hubbell quality is the superior operation, reliable performance, and dependable service which distinguish Hubbell products from others.

The Company’s network of independent electrical distributors, who provide Hubbell products and their own expertise to the end-user, are a critical asset. Some of these distributors have been associated with the Company since the early years; others have joined as the industry expanded. Together, they form a partnership with Hubbell Incorporated which has played a large part in the past growth, and which will plan a larger part in the future.

The combination of these – commitment to the industry, diversification of product and market, a continuing tradition of quality, partnership with the independent electrical distributor, and the experience of accomplishment in research and development – have forged Hubbell Incorporated’s exceptional records of growth. The same comprehensive corporate capability will expand Hubbell’s growth in the commercial, telecommunications, lighting, utility, industrial, and consumer markets of the future.



Panasonic has one of the best brands in the world with world sales of electronic products in the billions. Its strength is advances and modifications to electronic products coming from its 95 research laboratories.  It has recently widened in focus on telephones, from consumer orientated cordless models, to an office platform system dedicated to small and medium sized businesses, building upon its strength in digital and cordless technologies. In 2011 it certified Voice Path for the Durham region, we having met their high company standards.  It should be noted that Panasonic Canada offers major support to Voice Path, not only with regular upgrades and a show room, but also providing a local service centre for parts.


Panasonic Overview (pdf)




PANDUIT is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, increased agility and operational efficiency. PANDUIT’s Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) based solutions give Enterprises the capabilities to connect, manage and automate communications, computing, power, control and security systems for a smarter, unified business foundation. PANDUIT provides flexible, end-to-end solutions tailored by application and industry to drive performance, operational and financial advantages. PANDUIT’s global manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce capabilities along with a global network of distribution partners help customers reduce supply chain risk. Strong technology relationships with industry leading systems vendors and an engaged partner ecosystem of consultants, integrators and contractors together with its global staff and unmatched service and support make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner.