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CS1000 - IPTel


Communications Server 1000

Is a full-featured, highly scalable IP communications system that meets the needs of enterprises from small to large. It offers a comprehensive array of reliability and survivability mechanisms to ensure integrity of your network.


Communications Server 1000E

Is a full-featured IP-distributed telephony communications systems that delivers the benefits of network convergence and collaborative communications.


Communications Server 1000M

Is a full-featured IP telephony communications system ideal for our existing Nortel Meridian 1 customer looking to evolve to IP while leveraging their existing telephony investment.


Nortel Converged Office

Enabling businesses to simplify and accelerate to advanced unified communications.


IP Telephony Solutions for Enterprises

Improve business productivity and customer service. Reduce the cost of owning and operating the network. There is an IP Telephony Platform just right for every Nortel Customer.


IP Telephony - Myths & Truths

Does your IP telephony vendor offer: A sound IP telephony migration strategy?, Carrier-grade telephony for the enterprise? Unified Communications, Global Services?


Business Case - Migrate to IP Telephony

IP will reduce the cost of moves, adds and changes by up to 90%. IP can provide secure, reliable connectivity to home offices, traveling employees, transient teams and branch offices, redefining how business gets done.


Nortel Mobile Communications 3100

Improving productivity, reducing costs. This gives users the flexibility to choose their preferred mobile device and the most appropriate network connection that's available wherever business takes them.


Mobile Unified Communications

Increase employee productivity, reduce operational costs by merging voicemail, email and fax systems. Increase customer satisfaction by offering new service options.


Multimedia Conferencing

Create an effective conferencing strategy. Three primary conferencing and collaboration options on the marketing today Conferencing Services Web conferencing and collaboration In house conferencing and collaboration.


Nortel Survivable Remote Gateway 50 Release 2.0

Offer your employees and Customers the same seamless, consistent user experience whether they're located at a branch or at your central site. Reduce costs through centralized management, and by extending services such as voicemail, attendants and contact center agents across all your enterprise locations.


Unified Communications Solutions

Achieve the best user experience, with the simplest and tightest integration into existing desktop applications and processes. Increase the speed, agility and accuracy of decision making while accelerating business processes.


Nortel Centralized IP Telephony

Reduces the ongoing costs of branches by consolidating legacy nodes onto a centralized communications server. Enables energy and cost savings through the consolidation of multiple facilities.