1. Telephones are becoming more sophisticated. Customers are expecting no telephone interruptions. Equipment manufacturers are requiring higher standards of training and inventory support to protect warrantees and reputations. The result is high and growing standards demanded for the certification of dealers such as Voice Path Convergence Group.
  2. If there is a problem with either software or hardware, if a specialized engineer or technician is required to supplement the dealer, only an accredited dealer can receive the required support.
  3. All telephone equipment is tested prior to shipping to the dealer. If it is defective or becomes defective in unusual circumstances, it is replaced without charge from the manufacturer. In the grey market, one is facing potentially untested equipment putting in jeopardy the functioning of the telephone system as well as legal issues about unauthorized infringement of intellectual property rights, and pirating of licenses.
  4. Warrantees and licenses are available only from authorized dealers as recognized by telephone equipment manufacturers. They are non transferable.
  5. As telephones are becoming more sophisticated, manufacturers have developed measures to make upgrades seamless and cost effective. There is little long-term value to buy a cheap Edsel-like telephone system, with much to consider in buying compatible equipment as needed, trading in existing equipment that has value.
  6. Current telephone technology combine voice and data on one line. This is possible because voice can now digitized. The result is a dramatic increase in benefits to a company from the telephone including no long distance charges, (use the Internet) and far better internal and external communications because the data on one’s computer can be sent over hard or soft phones that are either fixed or mobile. Telephone manufacturers feel that the digitization of telephones will soon allow telephones to match the contribution of computers to business success. If one is putting more and more of their eggs in one basket to increase efficiencies and communications, it is prudent to deal with someone who is approved to deal with baskets. In business we all deal with basket cases, but that should never apply to your telephone system, the lifeblood of a company.

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