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VoicePath Convergence Group Inc. services and sells most types of business phones, to both small and large firms. We are the largest certified dealer in Durham region for Avaya, Nortel and Panasonic. We also provide a full line of uninterruptible power systems to avoid damage or downtime to telephone and computer systems. The corporate name was selected to reflect that the company has the capability to sell converged telephone and computer systems that allow digital phones to communicate without long distance, over the Internet (VOIP). They allow current information from one’s computers to be displayed on the screens of these phones to enhance communications between clients and between employees, especially over several locations.

Joe Hozjan is President of Voicepath with 30 plus years of experience in the telecom industry. Voice Path will serve not only traditional telephone needs, but also the new generation of VOIP telephones. Through a major investment in training, staff and inventory, he has created a company that is certified by the major telecom firms in the world: Avaya-Nortel and Panasonic. He is proud to provide to his home community an organization trained and familiar with local realities. Joe Hozjan is a member of the Whitby Chamber Of Commerce and the Rotary Club.

Chris Kuzik is the Sales Manager of Voice Path. He has owned, and previous to that, been a senior executive in several large firms. He has taught at the university level for 5 years and headed a management-consulting firm for over 15 years. He has been able in his year at Voice Path to work with a large variety of small and large companies and is a constant resource for staff.

Derek Fulton is the Site Foreman/Installation Manager. Derek has run installations for over 30 years. His attention to detail and neatness is second to none. Derek has spent many years on work overseas, installing 63 of the largest Canadian Embassy's around the world. He has extensive knowledge and certification in Data and Cabling and its infrastructures , including Cat 5E and Cat 6 Certificates from Panduit, Hubble and Nordex. Derek and his crew will ensure that the Cable Network is installed to specifications, and is also pleasing to the eye.

Customer Service – Laura and Sandra operate within the Operations team, from taking service calls from clients, scheduling technicians and planning equipment delivery, your order is in good hands. Training on new systems and headsets, and any fine tuning are looked after by this elite team.

Our Technicians are system engineers are certified by Avaya, Panasonic and Nortel to install and maintain telephony equipment. At Voice Path we call them “installers with laptops”. This is because with any VOIP installation, either member of the company spends hours on their laptops. They check, reconfigure, or tailor an installation on their computers. Similarly they do preventative diagnostic work and are able to locate a problem by this method. Both Orlando and Dean also do a variety of work from cabling to general service work. They have a combined 25 years of industry experience and have completed a variety of courses to obtain their certification.

Dan Slade and Bernie McGeough provide power quality support within the Voice Path family. In the telecom business, the service standard for office telephones is 7 by 24. For this to happen, the last piece of the puzzle is power, which can undermine these objectives. Power surges, interruptions and distortions can be caused by a litany of problems. Telephone and computer equipment can be managed in an individual or advanced power protection environment, integrated, if desired, into a network. Dan Slade and Bernie McGeough offer decades of experience in evaluating, designing, selling and maintaining equipment and systems, all designed to protect the most critical equipment within a company; their telephones and their computer system.

Computer Integration - Bruce Marden and his team of certified technicians deliver quality service for your corporate computer system needs. The techs are certified with the latest industry certifications; many at the instructor level of certification. Why not have the best possible technician work on your IT infrastructure?

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